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If you replace the wheels.

most Importantly — not should do without having. If the screws loosen and tighten, even without a torque wrench, the wheels just deformed. The main recommendation — to drive until the front wheels are close to the limit of wear.

However, perhaps it took You suddenly and suddenly. What should I keep in this case? Of course, the spare wheel, Jack, wheel wrench, plate for under the Jack stand, wheel chocks (two bars-wedge), pump with gauge and a pair of gloves.

Find a flat stretch of road in a safe place (on the road — only in a more than a pinch!) Remember the safety rules!

it is necessary to Work carefully — if, for example, throw the bolts and nuts on the ground, the thread will become clogged dirt. Look for them in a clean container. If captured or spare wheel to lean to the car — it may fall at the most inopportune moment and cause trouble.

everything Seems to be clear and just - turned-replaced-wrapped-go. However, it is easy and the car damage (dent rapids and not only). Yourself and cause injury.

What is the procedure when changing the wheel? Include first gear, tighten the Parking brake and under wheels from an opposite side of the car puts wedges-emphasis. They need slightly provide the hammer for greater insurance from the moving car.

Take the spare tire, put it on the ground, weakening the nut steering wheel. Set the Jack at a slight angle on the stand to increase the area of support that the Jack was not pressed into the soil.

Raise the car a Jack, turn away a nut of fastening, remove the wheel and put it on the ground. Last we turn on the nut (bolt) at the top of the circle.

we Remove a wheel, slightly raising his two hands from the sides below the middle line. Hands should not be between the wheel and the road or a body — possible injury!

Put the spare wheel, first najavljen top nut (bolt), then the other. Tighten the key (as possible) the nuts (bolts) fixing, but not in a circle, and criss-cross! Only such sequence will ensure proper wheel alignment.

Lower the car to the ground and finally tightens the nuts (bolts). Clean the removed wheel and the wedges from under the wheels.

Check the pressure in the chamber and if necessary pumped up to its nominal value indicated in the technical description of the vehicle.

Check the nipple chamber for leaks, then turning his cap.

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